Who: Carolyn Zick.


What: This space is a place to keep track of my studio activities, works in progress, inspirational things and other bits that strike my fancy. I’ve always used websites to organize my ideas so we’re giving it another go here.

I previously wrote a blog called dangerouschunky and the archives of that have been slipped in between the cracks here (recovered from the Wayback Machine). Some of the stuff is pretty random. Please remember this was before Facebook gave everyone a chance.

Thank you to those in the past who left generous bread crumbs of kind words about us across the internet :

Regina Hackett: I Heart Dangerous Chunky 

Harold Hollingsworth: Pale Sun 

Hankblog: Dangerous Chunky is Back!

Eva Lake: An Eloquent Response

Someone pointed out to me about five years ago that the old domain name had been snatched up by a car detailing business, and that is the beauty of the internets.

By the way, this is what I’m interested in. 

….and yeah I’m currently on hiatus….but……

Thanks for visiting.