a hiatus of sorts.

Good bye for now to you too garden site. I’m sure I will be back once the unbearable nature of the winter goes on for too long. At least we got some of the dahlias up and moved the geraniums to a safe place for the cold weather.

I am dragging my heels on the bulbs. What at first seemed a joyous activity soon turned treacherous, every inch of our yard is hard, hard clay. It is hateful. And I never moved the huge dirt pile that was to be the iris bed. So we are ending here with a shrug. Maybe they will go in if we get a rain free weekend before the holidays. Putting them in containers is sounding more and more rewarding all the time.

Good bye garden.

PS And for the record, it was Ben who took down all the tomato plants and tomatillas (or however you spell them) and everything else that was rotting from neglect.  Sigh. I have been hugely distracted.