February – where did you go? Plot ‘09

I went outside to just do one dreaded task (the annual picking up of the dog poop) when suddenly I found myself full bore into garden chores. Just a clearing of leaves there yielded a crop of bulbs ready to pull from the earth, a trim of overrun grass there cheered up another corner and a wack of the leaves to the hellebores left them all looking rather smart. I would lock the shed and another task would catch my eye, and I would march back in, promising just five more minutes.

The neglect is guilt rendering, but I also find it remarkable, in this year three of gardening, that some of my work has managed to pass on long run results. Bulbs planted two years ago are appearing, buds are forming on shrubs, and other plants are setting their green nibs.

Clearing out the shed earlier, I found boxes of all the plant tags I had unceremoniously kept in case I needed information down the line (Ha! the first time I had ever looked at them). I stood there in awe over the amount of plants that have gone into the ground and unfortunately many have not returned. I had forgotten about so many. And some of the ones that have survived are looking a little sad.

That being said though, I did in the earlier part of last year get some things done. I attempted to finish planting the slope, which I can see after a nasty winter is going to be another full time chore.

I made a bed for my irises and very favorite plant- the Wild Spice rose (talk about bounty from neglect). There was much dirt digging, which unfortunately soured me on that particular task still, but once it is done, it is done.

Chore List:
I had so many thoughts about what I want to do when I was out there. There are roses and the smoke bush to plant. I think it is time to move the Hydrangea, and maybe put a shade lover there in it’s place.

I have seeds to start sowing indoors. And then there is hard scape. If I could manage to get some more privacy in the works I would be so much happier about being out there.

Also all those irises that Yvette gave me last fall that I planted in the raised beds out back, will need to be transplanted in the near future.

Next weekend I really need to put up the compost the straw and get some weed pulling in if the weather is nice. I was out there in a shirt and vest today, the first decent weather since I have been sick any way. And geez, a full day for sure, I need to cut down some trees. Or time them, what ever.

And I want documentation. Time to revisit flickr.

Here is a challenge: how can I become an engaged gardening 12 months of the year versus six. And maybe we are including February in that equation, and at this point the month is almost over.

PS- This seems an oddity- I almost got right in the way of a yellow jacket on my hellebore today. Isn’t it too cold for them?