finally a bit of joy

mini iris (don't blink, it is gone)

Note to lazy, future self: please buy 100 species bulbs and plant them this fall. l think it’s the biggest pay off chore you can commit to.

The bulbs in the shed beds need replacing. The heirloom bulbs Ben gave me when we first moved here have been a delight- the tall snowdrops opened this week, as did the one white daffodil under the witch hazel.

Today was the first day since last July that I felt complete joy in the garden. Small surprises today, the Epimedium is in bloom (I had to whack away weeds to find it), The solomon seal is coming up, the red tulips on the hill opened.

I spent the day pulling weeds and ripping out sod (…if there is a hell on earth…), mowed the back lawn and weed whacked.

It is good to know the plant fanaticism returns. There is some lingering sadness over my inability to mentally remain active last summer.

I am still avoiding the front yard.

The Rugosa Rose is the biggest pay off from last year, growing so strong. I love spring.

As always, there should be better planning next year, I’ll just have to remember to take advantage of the next three months when I actually feel like doing work.

I have a hell of a lot of seeds to plant tomorrow.

I finally planted the smoke bush, I hope it gets enough sun. The cute little pink flower bush I ignored and let rot in it’s pot all winter — bit it. I should not be allowed to buy anything in August or September.

The tree peony is emerging, which excited me greatly until I looked at notes from last year that said the same thing, and we know later in the summer, no dice.

More things to put into the hill:

Japanese Butterbur, Curry plant (I need sun).

Okay, and the dahlias need to go into pots. I will not be spending my Sunday digging up sod in the front.

Just can’t do it.

Also, don’t forget to feed everyone. Hello.

**Just a note on this spring- it was the first day one would actually feel like working in the yard this year.

Sunday is supposed to be nice, and then a good old dip back down into the cold.

Fair Weather Indeed

Even with the promise of all the tulips in the world, I am having trouble being motivated.

Perhaps one could blame the rain for one more day.

And I had been thinking of taking a long weekend.