The Plot

We had a gorgeous weekend. Out of the blue I have become garden crazy again. I love beginnings which is why I guess I particularly love Spring. The last two years I was either distracted by other things or perhaps completely burnt out on our yard to maintain it for long. I hope this year is different. I think we’ve also had a couple of very wet springs prior to this.

At any rate, the game plan this year was to survey the landscape literally before buying a ton of plants that I might or might not do anything with….and starting projects that then go dorment in two months.

I had done well this year until yesterday morning and it became apparent not only did we need garden hose heads but also a few violas.  Also butter lettuce, ranunculus (a 1.00 each!) and coral bells. They all made it into the ground and the place looks perkier because of it.

I spent the entire weekend working non-stop but barely making a dent into yard chores. The Secret Garden, The Milagros Garden and the Chore Garden are now all de-grassed and fluffed I guess. We sat in the green chairs both Saturday and Sunday and had a quiet happy hour watching crows chase hawks in the sky.

The chickadees are back and  so are the cut worms and large lazy bumble bees. I had forgotten the huge sense of serenity I get from spending a weekend meditating on pulling up grass and moving dirt around.

Next weekend I have to deal with the front yard. The daffodils and tulips bloomed appropriately in time for easter, but I know they are also surrounded by weeds. The front lawn also needs to be mowed which puts me in a foul mood. I actually like mowing the back yard as it is easy and instantly makes everything look better back there. The front, not so much, especially the parts with the downward slopes.

I keep threatening to add a rose garden or a vegetable garden up there, but then Ben reminds me how much I hate tending to anything in the front yard. I wish there was a glorious solution. Until then I have a few bits of upkeep to deal with up there.