Plotting and Planning

Ever since we moved in to this house at the end of 2006 and subsequently started a garden in February of 2007 I’ve keep a hand written journal of projects, plants I’ve planted etc. Or so I had thought. I sat down with my black book this weekend and there was not a single entry for 2011. Just a date where the start of 2012 was. Sigh.

I also found in our shed many unopened seed packets purchased from last year (interspersed with used ones of course) that I need to sit down and figure out what is what. If all the seeds are cooperative that will be quite a score.

Thankfully I sat for a little but yesterday and wrote a few things out so the poor garden journal doesn’t feel neglected three years in a row. Thankfully there has also been the lazy-man’s route of record keeping where I have just made sets of garden activity in Flickr for each year. Perhaps it is time to give those a little review as well.