King Country Master Gardener Sale

by carolyn on 3 May 2008 — Posted in spring

herb box

(Things we need like a hole in head) It is so wrong that I find out about these things. I guess it is that time of year for plant sales.

Although spring it still is having a hard time making a case for its self. I actually was so overwhelmed by the choices at this event I exhibited moderate restraint today. The MGs are incredibly gracious, friendly people and one woman tipped me off to some new plants to try in my shady yard. Then another asked me if I wanted to know how to take care of them. Then another told me she can never buy less than 8 of those.

I am finding myself more and more pissed/impatient that I do not know my latin names. Or actually about much it seems. The good and the bad is there appears to be a bottomless pit of knowledge to be had in this game. I am supposed to also be patient that my garden has not grown into the beautiful habitat in one years time I was hoping for. Patience?

There were many plants to be had to day at the Center for Urban Horticulture. I also talked with the guy at the Bats NW booth, cursed myself for not having cash on me for a raffle ticket and even passed up a very reasonably priced rugosa rose. I told myself if I couldn’t carry the load out of there I couldn’t have it.

radio flyers

Thinking this was just going to be a few tables with assorted plants, the KC Master Gardener Sale is quite the event. Perhaps a county fair specifically for gardeners.

I’ve lost my enthusiasm for gardening in the rain. Really.