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Gardener is impatient.

I haven’t been this itchy to get back to it in about 4 years. Hatching plans and counting down the days to planting weather.

When it gets 10 degrees warmer and I know what I put in the ground will not die, it is time.



The Witchhazel blooms

Feeling fortunate, as I almost always miss seeing the first blooms of my favorite tree in the winter.  The smell, so intoxicating, is just starting to come alive.  This is the first thing I put in the garden 10 years ago and it still gives me so much pleasure.

The tomato crop was gorgeous this year.

Kicking ourselves for not remembering what version the black ones are called,  would be enthusiastic to plant those again.



Lilies, pretty much the only thing left in full bloom.

Also dead grass.

My friend Sharon gave these to me years ago and I keep meaning to have her over to see them.


Photographer Nadia Sablin’s created a series about her Aunties which reminds me of everything I hope gardening, chores and persevering in daily life will bring. I keep coming back to this these poignant and touching portraits.

“In northwest Russia, in a small village called Alekhovshchina, Nadia Sablin’s aunts spend the warmer months together in the family home and live as the family has always lived—chopping wood to heat the house, bringing water from the well, planting potatoes, and making their own clothes.”

(excerpt from the book Aunties, 2015, Duke University Press)

Interview with Sablin from American Photo magazine