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No posts in June?

It’s been an odd gardening year, although maybe you always say that. Too much rain and then boom into the hot season, which I hate. I can barely tolerate the sun any more so chores have been intermittent. Or not at all. Things seem to keep themselves going anyway but my enthusiasm has waned.

Blooms are greatly delayed this year, or didn’t happen at all. We finally noticed the hummingbird tree (really called a Butterfly Bush or Buddleia Bush) has finally come to life. The tomatoes and pepper plants on the deck are already starting to show fruit. I notoriously hate in about two weeks when things start dying, so maybe that will be slow to happen as well.

Here are some pictures from June.

The tomato crop was gorgeous this year.

Kicking ourselves for not remembering what version the black ones are called,  would be enthusiastic to plant those again.



Lilies, pretty much the only thing left in full bloom.

Also dead grass.

My friend Sharon gave these to me years ago and I keep meaning to have her over to see them.


Some other year we’ll forgive ourselves for the complete and utter lack of attention to everything this year. I would also like to point out, it was right now, a year ago I completely lost interest in gardening. I am completely aware of that now this year and it is easy to see why. Things are dying. It is hot. The heat, while great for my precious day lilies, lilies and dahlias, is not great for much else. Once the heat comes on I am not in the yard (too uncomfortable). I am praying, praying for privacy- I can not even remotely tolerate working in the front year, so things do suffer, and it looks like hell.

So I hope I can keep it up for a bit this year. We need to put some hard scape in and time just marches on and it doesn’t get done. I am broke as hell this summer (and in denial of that as well) so not as much has happened. Pickles has also brought down some of my lovely plants, broken garden ornaments and generally caused havoc which is depressing some days. The heap is still there. There is not much to tell.

Actually I should do a post about June and the loveliness that it was. The poppies were magnificent and the Lupines were fantastic and out of control. The rain was still here, so everything was lush (literally in one week’s time the grass has died). The clematis was nice, but we seem to be having trouble with them.

Yes, and I should document more carefully what is going on right now. It would be good to figure out what to use to fill in things right now, it is bleak season. I still have not forgotten my promise to turn the whole yard over to bulbs this fall.

More soon, or in the near future I hope.