It will get better

A few things to note- it’s March and ever since a week ago the daffodils starting appearing and by about 5 days ago suddenly the Freesia is in bloom.
I had been worried after my incredible lack of interest in gardening that over took me last August that I wouldn’t care ever again, but I have spent the last two weekends in the yard, Sundays anyway, and have to rip myself in for dinner. I planted bulbs on the hill that I started in boxes late January, so we’ll see if cheating works. I have again spent hours digging up grass. Ben has been bringing me presents- black mondo grass, English daisies and pansies to plant- so suddenly we are rich in flowers and botanicals. Also heathers, which out of the blue, when I saw them in bloom this week I have fallen in love with for the first time in my life. I love this time of year.

A robin was keeping me company yesterday, nibbling on the berries that grow out of some bush that is climbing the fence from our back side neighbors. There is something so inherently peaceful about working in the yard, it is necessary. And it has been nice weather, not really rainy at all which might be problematic.
I was wondering if I should take a pruning class for next year- to nab the lilac trees and I am certain there is one big dead plum tree that should be taken out.

So all yee, do not abandon hope for the winter is almost out of the clear. I report it was a rough winter and wonder for the future how does one get on with things in January and February? I do believe this is why they invented Mexico. I do believe my sense of hope is hinged directly on available daylight and ability to not have to wear five sweaters to sit in comfort. I am sitting in the studio with out the need to plug it in.

So how to survive the interim seasons? January and February felt as if they had no end in sight. The darkness really got to me this year, adding to the troubles I was having with the family. And from July 14th until probably mid September, when bulbs go on sale, I get that summer ennui . So what can I do to get through those 4 months. How about some light therapy for the winter?

This next weekend I have many day lilies to plant, and I think I need to go get some soil and add some amendments. To make all the plants happy. The straw helped immensely this year, another thing I did late in the season. I haven’t removed too much of it as we still have fear of frost for another month, actually April 15 is the date. The peanut butter plant is actually sporting new growth.
I forgot about those little sappling leaves that take hold all over the yard that make a weeder almost lose their mind when you unearth raw soil. And the damn dandelions are what prompted me to furiously go hacking about these past two weekends.

It has been incredibly nice to see things that I planted last year come back to life. The hellebores, only half of them survived, but the two that are doing well are getting big. I need some summer flowers that like shade to go there as well. None of the purple hellebores survived this year, which was very disappointing (so I actually lost at least 3 plants).
The witch hazel is absolutely necessary. It could be the most important plant in the yard- the blooms and the smell are so incredible, literally lifting me out of depression.

And the tulips and the bulbs that Ben gave me the first winter we were here are all coming up. I have no idea how many years you can rely on tulips to come back, but what a joy! We have many back yard projects to execute this summer so I will document them all in this journal.

Today is also the first day of daylight savings time. I tried to go to bed early last night, but with not much luck. It is very dark outside at 7:12 am, but tonight there will be longer hours.

Now what to do about those cutworms.