Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend was chore riddled.
I spent most of the three day weekend just doing maintenance to the yard. Mowing both front and back, weed wacking and my new favorite, cutting grass by hand between all the plants I put into both slopes and there is not enough room to weed wack but too much room where that nasty grass with seeds at the end completely took over the yard and obscured everything.

Ben started taking over the deck which is lovely, there is so much else to do.
The best things in bloom this week are the alliums , which are glorious and the Russell Lupines are out of control. Kind of a let down in this interim between tulips and the next round, I am not sure what I could plant to be in bloom the last two weeks of May.

I finally got some of the dahlias into the ground that I bought from tuber this last February. I wish I had been savvy enough to have started the whole lot in pots six or eight weeks ago. Next year I hope I have soil dug out and pots started for many things at this point in the year.

Having a potting shelf on the side of the house to stack soil and empty pots would be really handy. There is much trash to be hauled away.

Also having a nice gravel path back there would be nice too.

At the end of the day I sat in the secret garden and felt satisfied, it’s just hard at this time of year to be able to really relax and enjoy all the fruits of your labor.

Next year I hope not so much f-ing sod digging.

The first of the spiderwort blooms appeared today. Also, the clematis in the secret garden bloomed- a beautiful pink flower.