Tomatoes / Peppers

A satisfying gardening weekend. As Fred said the Henry Ford production line was set up and tomatoes, peppers and assorted other unplanted stragglers were placed into pots. Soil repurposed and amended. Lawn (in the back anyway) mowed. Hose reattached and functioning. The fountain restored and bubbling. Huge cascading piles of blackberry canes and lilac branches from last fall finally cut to pieces and placed in the yard waste bin. Planters shifted around the deck to make space.

The hummingbirds were visiting in full force along with the chickadees and Dark-eyed juncos. We had sun for 48 hours, which after so many months of rain made me sick from being in it for just a few hours each day. That I did not enjoy and need to figure out how to get things done in the yard with such a small window. The weather folks keep saying we’re in for a hotter than average summer. Great news for the tomatoes, not so great for getting sun sick.